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Welcome to Online Registration Process for AY 2017-18
(For existing students seeking admission to 2nd, 3rd & 4th year of B. Des Program during AY 2017-18)

Use your PRN as Username and Date of Birth (ddmmyyyy) to log-in and follow the steps given below to 'Register' here.

Registration Process :
  1. Provide updated information in the following sections. Fields with * marked are compulsory.
    1. Personal Information (Provide your name as it appears on 10th Passing Certificate)
    2. Contact Information
    3. Academic Information
    4. Fee Payment Details
  2. Upload scanned copies (in .jpg format) of all previous Semesters (Most recent grade sheet of each semester) Grade Sheets.
  3. Submit the Registration Form
  4. Await verification by Academic Admin Section.
  5. On approval by Academic Admin Section, Go to Accounts Section to declare the payment details and obtain print of ‘bank payment challan’. Submit your DD with challan to Accounts Section.
  6. Go to Library for clearing dues, if any, and confirm Library Membership.
  7. Go to Photography Studio for digital photograph. Photography Studio would upload the photograph and confirm the status
  8. Print the Registration Form on A4 size paper, put your signature, attach photocopies of the documents and submit to Academic Admin Section
  9. Collect copy of Academic Calendar.
Completion of all the above-mentioned steps would ensure Provisional Registration of the student to the next year of the programme, as applicable.

Important Instructions :
  1. Your registration is provisional and is subject to ATKT Rules, payment of fees and fulfilling the eligibility norms.
  2. You have to complete all the four stages of the Online Registration Process. You would be able to ‘Print’ the Registration Form only on completion of all the four stages.
  3. All the students should wear formal dress (as per the SIU’s Dress Code) while getting themselves photographed. No photograph would be taken for students coming in casuals.
  4. You can edit the information till you ‘Print’ the Registration Form. After Printing of the form, you will not be able to edit any of the information. You would only be able to ‘View’ your form after printing.
  5. You would be allowed to edit/modify some of your information on a written request with reasons thereof to academic coordinator.